On Giving

Written by Carrie Louise Daenell, ND, AANP Board Member - I don't know about you, but if you are anything like me, I get so much out of giving that it almost seems an inaccurate term to describe what I am doing.  Maybe we need a new world for it… something like getving.  I am sure Webster would beg to differ.

Anyhoo… Happy Birthday to me. I celebrated a December birthday, recently, and on that day – I walked into the Development office of Bastyr University and handed Ken Shook a check in support of my Alma Mater. What a high. How fun was that?!?

What if we all did that? Write a check to our Naturopathic Medical Schools, every year, on our birthdays? Why not? These institutions contribute exponentially to advancing access to credentialed experts in Natural Medicine and all the world benefits. Talk about reach and touch and all things up and up! 

Another way to give and get is to take part in our Annual Conference. Did you know that while you are getting connection with your colleagues and dear friends, CME credits, “the latest” on what is available to us as tools in nutraceutical science, and some time away from your practice to contemplate your practice… you are giving your national association enhanced support to promote Naturopathic Medicine to the public, get our “find a doc” list into the hands of more and more people and allowing people to access great care that they might never have known existed for them? Talk about getving!

Wherever you give and get… remember your profession. It is a sacred field here to create positive impact on the planet. And if you don't support it… who will? Lets do this!