May 2012: The Push Stays Strong

By Gene McGill, Director of State Government Relations

Activity at the state level continues even though the majority of the legislatures throughout the US are recessed for the year. Several states are still active and licensing bills for naturopathic medicine remain on the agenda.
The New York Senate Education Committee passed SB 1803 and moved the bill to the Finance committee where it is expected to pass and move to the full senate. Work is continuing in the Assembly to keep the momentum.
Pennsylvania HB 1717 is languishing in the licensure committee. Minority Chairman of the Licensure Committee as well as the Majority prime sponsor of the bill have requested the bill be placed on the Committee agenda.
North Carolina has a very short session that will start this week. Again the NCANP is on the ground and working with legislators to move the licensure bill forward.
HB 351 continues to move forward in New Hampshire. The legislation would allow for insurance reimbursement for naturopathic doctors.
SB 209 in Vermont was signed by the Governor on May 2ndrecognizing Naturopathic Physicians as primary care providers.
In Massachusetts, SB 1158 was reported favorably on May 10 by the joint committee on Health Care Financing.
Several states are well into the process of planning for their legislation to run next year.  The push for licensure remains strong among the state associations.  The AANP would like to thank the state associations, their members, and staff for the tremendous effort they have put forward in the past and their continued willingness to fight the fight for licensure.