September 2012: Tools for the States

By Gene McGill, Director of State Government Relations

You don’t need to try hard to get the latest news in politics. Between commercials, articles, radio, debates, and everyday hoopla, rhetoric is everywhere. This is an extremely important time.  In just two months Congress and almost every state legislature will be up for grabs. And the most important question is not who will win, but how are we going to prepare ourselves, our state association and our grassroots organizations?  How will we get in front of these legislators and motivate them to move licensure and scope expansion forward?  Healthcare is at a crossroads. We are woefully short of primary care physicians. We spend an inordinate amount of public funding on treating symptoms, not causes. Who could be better than naturopathic physicians, doctors with patient centered approaches to healing, for the job? No one!

By now you are asking, how can I help? Well there are several ways to get involved. Reconnect with the AANP. Renew your membership with your state association. Get involved in moving the profession forward.  Mentor a new graduate on the importance of licensure.  Talk to your patients on the benefit of licensure. Go to a political fundraiser and be seen. Visit your legislator.  All of these things will help to grow the profession. Just look at the size of our organization and how far we have come.

The AANP is currently working on a toolbox. A library of information where you can find the right articles, facts and data your state organization needs to assemble an effective presentation for your legislator.  Perhaps you want to have a bill introduced, but don’t know where to start or how to draft it. We’re here to help.  The toolbox is a wealth of resources, gathered almost entirely by our members.  Do you have something that could benefit other NDs or state organizations? If so please send it to  We would love to have it in the toolbox.