Stimulus Package

Congress Completes Compromise on Stimulus Package and Health Care Provisions

The AANP has obtained summaries contained in the final version of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, otherwise known as the Economic Stimulus Package. This final version of the bill is expected to be voted on in the full House tomorrow. The following attachments are available on our website:

2) A Summary of health care provisions under the jurisdiction of Energy & Commerce Committee

3) A Summary of health care provisions under the jurisdiction of Ways & Means Committee (note there will be overlap with the Energy & Commerce document)

4) A State by State comparison of increases in the Federal Medicaid Assistance Percentage

Included in the summary of the Energy and Commerce Committee provisions is a description of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act. In brief, the bill contains $19 billion for implementation of electronic medical records, a portion of which will be directed to states for grants to providers of all types for implementation of electronic medical records.

The bill also includes $1 billion for a new Prevention and Wellness Fund and $1.1 billion for comparative effectiveness research, to evaluate the relative effectiveness of different health care services and treatment options.

The AANP will continue to monitor the implementation of this legislation in order to identify all opportunities to promote naturopathic medicine.