February 2011: Keep Tabs as State Legislation Takes Off

By Gene McGill, Director of State Government Relations

AANP’s State Legislative Tracking Map Getting Greener
As state legislatures continue to move through their sessions, the AANP is tracking movement of any and all naturopathic legislation for you. There are 18 states that have introduced legislation so far this year. To date, 117 bills have been introduced in legislatures throughout the United States.

AANP members can view this activity by first logging in, and then clicking the State Legislative Tracking tab in the drop-down Advocacy menu on the navigation bar above. Currently we are only tracking legislation featuring the word “naturopathic,” but the AANP also has the capability to track both legislation and regulations that contain virtually any word you can imagine. Terms such as “Health Freedom,” “Safe Harbor,” “Scope of Practice,” “Medicaid” can all be tracked. If you have specific legislation or regulations you would like to follow, just contact the AANP for the details.

States on the Move in February!

  • Virginia has a naturopathic licensing bill that has moved through their Health, Welfare & Institutions Committee, and has been referred for a hearing under the Joint Commission on Health Care.
  • Maryland has introduced a bill in both the House and Senate. The Senate leadership has already scheduled a hearing for the bill in March. House leadership has also committed to a hearing on the bill.
  • North Dakota has had their first hearing on licensure and the bill has now moved to the Human Services Committee.
  • Iowa had a hearing on their licensing bill this month in their State Government Committee that I was able to attend.
  • Colorado legislation has been assigned both to the House Committee on Health and Environment as well as the House Committee on Economic and Business Development and is scheduled for a hearing on February 22.
  • New York legislation has been referred to the Committee on Higher Education in the House and Senate.
  • There are several states that are reviewing the final drafts of their legislation prior to introducing legislation.

Nine licensed states have also introduced legislation so far this session. Issues vary from scope of practice to insurance. The AANP continues to follow these important issues and will continue to publish information on our Web site as part of our ongoing effort to keep you informed.

Please check the AANP State Legislative Tracking map regularly to see what is happening in your state and let us know if we can help.