Do Toxins Really Make You Fat?

By Carrie Louise Daenell, ND, LiveWell Center

I recently developed Healing the Aging Metabolism – my unique “intellectual property” so to speak, scientifically resolving the “weight gain with age” issue that so many of us battle. Now I have incorporated that protocol into a broader protocol, Age-Smart Weight Loss, designed to deliver “once and for all” weight loss so that participants don’t have to spend the rest of their lives yo-yo dieting. As you read this, I have just returned from London, to present that science to my international colleagues at Anti-Aging Conference London 2011.

One of the several pivotal pieces to my work is genomic reprogramming. What?! That is where you can take the DNA (genes) you were born with and adjust the way they do or do not express health or disease for you. Wow! Even 20 years ago, no one knew that was possible. We used to think that “you get what you get and your fate is sealed.” Not so.

The world of genomics is exploding and the possibilities for hope and health are endless.

In our little world of weight loss, however, it is all very specific and goes something like this: When you carry toxins—excess stress hormone and inflammation—your body seeks to protect you from that. The older you get, the greater load you have accumulated over time. You reach a threshold, at some point, where your biochemistry begins to drive toward fat production as a protective mechanism against those noxious accumulations. Now… where to put it? It has to be somewhere safe, where you won’t burn it during every day activity. The belly. Perfect.

See how that works? Belly fat with age isn’t hormone, per se. It isn’t even age… exactly. It is the fat produced to protect us from the toxins we accumulate with age. When you think about it, it is simple and obvious.

What we didn’t used to know—but now do—is this: the presence of toxins can reprogram your DNA to change your biochemistry to produce fat. On the flip side—the elimination of toxins—can also drive DNA reprogramming back to normal and away from fat production.

That is why one of the pivotal aspects of my permanent weight loss program, Age-Smart Weight Loss, is to use meaningful doses of well-absorbed, bio-active, “best” forms of detoxifying nutrients, especially those methylated nutrients, in order to fully support the body’s own natural detoxifying biochemistry. This makes for healthier patients and better results!

For more information on reducing your toxic load, see a naturopathic physician. Click here to find one in your area.