March 2012: AANP ED Search Progresses Smoothly

By Carl Hangee-Bauer, ND
Chair, Executive Director Transition Team and AANP Past-President

Our process for selecting our next executive director is progressing smoothly and according to plan. Since the deadline for applications closed on February 15th, Association Strategies (ASI), our search firm, has been busy reviewing applications, conducting interviews and vetting candidates, narrowing the field to those with the experience and qualities we are seeking in our next ED. The Executive Director Transition Team (EDTT) has reviewed a descriptive list of our most qualified candidates and it is remarkable to glimpse the talents and experience of those applying for this position. We have amazingly talented people wanting to work with us.! Most candidates have expressed a particular and personal interest in the naturopathic medical profession and our goals for transforming health care and are excited to be a part of positive change. It has been gratifying for all of us to observe this resonance.
The list is being narrowed to less than ten, and in mid-April, EDTT members will travel to Alexandria, Virginia for first round interviews. (Interestingly, while it is the first time NDs will meet with candidates, all will have participated in at least three interviews with ASI before reaching this stage.) The EDTT will select the two most qualified candidates, and in early May the Board will meet with the finalists and make our decision. 
All of us engaged in this work are satisfied with our progress to date and excited by the prospects and vision of what our next executive director will bring to our organization. It is a time for envisioning what lies ahead and what we want to accomplish over the next 5-10 years. While this search promises to bring the association fresh leadership for the future, it is also linked with the manifestation of our communal vision and organizational goals. It is a very engaging and reflective process that will only serve to advance the naturopathic profession.