May 2012: US Senator Tom Harkin Welcomes NDs to Washington DC!

By Terri Deerr, AANP Chief Operating Officer

US Senator Tom Harkin Welcomes NDs to Washington DC! 
Missed the DC FLI?  Please don’t miss US Senator Tom Harkin’s warm welcome to AANP members visiting Washington DC last week.

The DC Federal Legislative Initiative (DC FLI) is a part of AANP’s overall government affairs and leadership programs. This year, we focused on ND inclusion in all HHS programs, including the Uniformed Corps of the US Public Health Service and eligibility for loan repayment programs, and ND inclusion in the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Nearly 140 NDs and naturopathic medical students, stormed Capitol Hill May 7, 2012, after a 2-day training program preparing them to meet with over 202 Members of Congress’ office representing 39 states.  The reception on Capitol Hill further educated interns, staff and members on the importance of naturopathic medicine.
I want to take this opportunity to thank all the NDs and students who attended the event.  This year we had students and faculty from all the US schools, and faculty from BINM.  The enthusiasm and passion were palpable.  May you take these skills and go back to your state associations and work for licensure or scope expansion! 
We are still collecting input from the Hill visits – if you haven’t already done so, please submit your reports here.  Together, you, AANP staff with our lobbyists are following up with immediate requests from Hill offices.  If you are uncertain what you should be doing, please contact me directly at
It was great to see everyone.  Thank you for all your kind words.