Television Clips 2013

Super Foods as Medicine
  Free Autism Clinic!
Natural Medicine, better behavior & grades
  Medicinal Power from Food Choices
Dr. Peter Bongiorno breast cancer prevention
  Dr. Trevor Holly Cates, back to school health
Omega 3 fatty acids & prostate cancer risk   Dr. Trevor Holly Cates's anti-aging tips
Dr. Trevor Holly Cates on drinking diet soda
  Dr. Kate Naumes's naturopathic fertility tips
Dr. Kate Naumes, green products for mom
  Dr. Jared Skowron on pediatric diets
All Natural Sleep Aids with Dr. Pina Loguidice
  Naturopathic patient expresses gratitude
Dr. Lena Suhaila's tips for healthy skin
  Dr. Ann Lee on pain & infertility
Dr. Jared Skowron on TV
  Dr. Natalie Ham on TV
Drs. Heather Paulson and Elizabeth Rice
  Dr. Laurinda Kwan's natural Tx for allergies
Natural Tx for autism with Dr. Jamie Oskin
  ADHD Natural Tx, AZ Natural Health Center
Dr. Kelly Hassberger, common winter ailments
  Dr. Jared Skowron, natural TX for autism