News from the Office

July 2012: Getting Started and Moving Forward
By Jud Richland, AANP Chief Executive Officer
Greetings! I am both humbled and excited to be writing my first column as AANP’s new CEO. It has not taken long to learn that AANP members make up a vibrant and passionate community. From its beginnings 25 years ago with a volunteer executive director and an office in a church basement, AANP has grown into a mature and influential association. As an incoming CEO, it’s wonderful to see that your past success has only fueled the desire for even more growth and more success. Read more

June 2012: Emerson Ecologics Announces Grant Recipients at DC FLI

By Jaclyn Chasse, ND
There was an atmosphere of celebration this year at the AANP DC FLI. In addition to celebrating the legislative achievement of inclusion of Naturopathic Doctors in the Indian Health Services Act, participants also honored four naturopathic nonprofit organizations and their work in support of the profession. Read more

May 2012: US Senator Tom Harkin Welcomes NDs to Washington DC!
By Terri Deerr, AANP Chief Operating Officer
Missed the DC FLI? Please don’t miss US Senator Tom Harkin’s warm welcome to AANP members visiting Washington DC last week. The DC Federal Legislative Initiative (DC FLI) is a part of AANP’s overall government affairs and leadership programs. This year, we focused on ND inclusion in all HHS programs, including the Uniformed Corps of the US Public Health Service and eligibility for loan repayment programs, and ND inclusion in the Department of Veterans Affairs. Read more

March 2012: Tools for the Trade
By Terri Deerr, AANP Chief Operating Officer and Gene McGill, AANP Director, State Government Relations
Running an organization has its challenges, especially when striving for licensure or scope expansion. Fortunately, the AANP is building a comprehensive library of resources for our State Affiliates to help them accomplish their goals. Read more.  

March 2012: AANP ED Search Progresses Smoothly
By Carl Hangee-Bauer, ND, Chair, Executive Director Transition Team and AANP Past-President
Our process for selecting our next executive director is progressing smoothly and according to plan. Since the deadline for applications closed on February 15th, Association Strategies (ASI), our search firm, has been busy reviewing applications, conducting interviews and vetting candidates, narrowing the field to those with the experience and qualities we are seeking in our next ED. Read more.  

February 2012: Executive Director Transition Team Update
By Carl Hangee-Bauer, ND, Chair, Executive Director Transition Team and AANP Past-President
Our search for a new AANP Executive Director/CEO is in full swing. The Executive Director Transition Team (EDTT) has already met in the past few months and continues to meet regularly. Read more.  

January 2012: Changes at the AANP 
By Terri Deerr, Chief Operating Officer
There have been many changes around the AANP office. Foremost of those changes is AANP staff. Read Full Reaction

December 2011: AANP Comments on Draft Guidance for Industry 
By Karen Howard
The AANP supports the intent of the New Dietary Ingredient Notifications to ensure consumer safety. However, in this time of scarce resources, implementation the Guidance has the potential effect of imposing a level of bureaucracy that we believe could hamper FDA's overall enforcement efforts with little return on investment. Read Full Reaction

November 2011: Giving Thanks
By Karen Howard
It is entirely appropriate that my last message to you comes on the eve of Thanksgiving, a time to bow to all that is honored and express gratitude for all that is given. I owe the success of this journey to those who have held me up through the past nine years. I owe my courage and conviction to journey elsewhere to “Awakening in Ecuador,” with the love and assistance of my life coaches. Each of us has at least one journey to embark upon. Solstice in Ecuador taught me how to search for my next destination. It’s not really goodbye. I will keep you in my pocket as I move on. Read more.

October 2011: Health-care Reform – Preparing for the Future

By Karen Howard
The AANP has held a steady eye on the moving parts of health-care reform. Efforts prior to even the introduction of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act focused on educating legislators on naturopathic medicine and seeking enumeration in loan repayment programs. With implementation of health-care reform, we are shifting our attention to the federal regulatory environment and working to support out state affiliates. Read more.

September 2011: Fiscal Year 2010 and Conflict with the AAFP

By Karen Howard
At the AANP's Annual Meeting of the Association, held in conjunction with the AANP Convention, Treasurer Corey Resnick, ND, provided a report on our finances. Additionally, the American Academy of Family Physicians has declared their opposition to ND scope expansion. Read more.

July 2011: State Exchanges, Supplement Regulation and a New Naturopathic Nonprofit

By Karen Howard
HHS continues to move forward with implementation of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (the health-care reform act) and just released a proposed regulation for creating state-based exchanges. Read more.

June 2011: Ongoing Work on Health-Care Reform

By Karen Howard
Implementation of health-care reform is becoming increasingly complicated, with a myriad of players who have varying degrees of impact on how NDs will or will not gain recognition. Your states are actively working on implementation of state exchanges (or pursuing law suits in some cases), and the federal government is now issuing proposed regulations for comment. Read more.

May 2011: Progress at the AMA and DC FLI

By Karen Howard
At this year's 8th Annual DC Federal Legislative Initiative, our Capitol Hill lobby day, 165 NDs and students traveled to Washington, D.C., and just one week later the American Medical Association (AMA) met with fourteen representatives of the Coalition for Patients' Rights (CPR) - including the AANP Executive Director and President Carl Hangee-Bauer, ND, LAc. Read more.

April 2011: The AANP Meets the AMA

By Karen Howard
On May 10, AANP President Carl Hangee-Bauer, ND, and I will meet with the American Medical Association (AMA) at their Chicago headquarters, along with other nine professions from the Coalition for Patients Rights who were included in the AMA’s “Scope of Practice Data Series,” to discuss the reality of modern day inter-professional collaboration and the expertise we bring to patients. Read more.

March 2011: DC FLI Registration and an Awareness Campaign Update

By Karen Howard
75 people registered for the DC FLI in the first ten days after registration opened. Every year our visibility on Capitol Hill increases and our participation grows. Given the enormous turnover in the House and the dramatic change in leadership, having broad-based geographic representation of the profession is essential this year. Read more.

February 2011: ND Nominated to NCCAM and the 2011 Legislative Agenda

By Karen Howard
Jane Guiltinan, ND, Past-President of the AANP and Dean of Naturopathic Medicine for Bastyr University, has been nominated by Josephine Briggs, MD, to become a member of the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) Advisory Council. Dr. Briggs, Director of NCCAM, will forward her nomination to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who will make the final decision. Read more.

January 2011: Things to Watch in the New Year

By Karen Howard
While the House of Representatives votes to repeal PPACA (the health insurance reform bill), implementation itself is in high gear. The Department of Health and Human Services is tasked with writing regulations, the Institute of Medicine is defining the basic medical benefit, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners is defining universal terminology, and state boards have been established and are working feverishly to establish governance standards for the state exchanges (which may or may not survive court challenges). Read more.