Patient Testimonial Resources

The Institute for Natural Medicine (INM) has created a patient gallery. The gallery highlights success stories of patients across the country. You have at least one patient that should be featured in this gallery! 

A submission takes just a few minutes. For your benefit, we have provided materials that will help you get more testimonials:

1. FLYER -- A flyer that you can print and leave in your reception area (print it in color or black/white)
2. POSTCARD -- A simple postcard that you can print and give to patients guiding them to the patient gallery (four postcards print per page--cut and hand out)
3. SCRIPT -- A suggested script for you/your staff to remind patients how they can easily submit their story (see below for script)

Script for the Office Manager/Receptionist to give when patients ask about Patient Gallery:

Would you like to share your story about how Dr. XXX helped you? It will help others.

Naturopathic Medicine has a new patient gallery:

The stories are really cool and inspirational. This postcard has the instructions and website where you can submit your story – you can even do it right here on your phone.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Please help us spread the word about Naturopathic Medicine!