Institute for Natural Medicine

Mission Statement
The mission of the Institute for Natural Medicine is to assist in the dissemination of credible information about naturopathic philosophy and natural medicine to consumers, businesses, health care professions, governmental entities and educational institutions, through advancement of educational and research activities.

Vision Statement
The Institute for Natural Medicine will play a leading role in making available:

  • High quality information to the public
  • Education opportunity to a broad array of health care professions
  • Research for the scientific community in the field of natural health.
The growing public demand for natural health care will continue to fuel  the interest among consumers, governments, educational institutions, health  care professions and third party payers for credible information, education  and research in natural health. Naturopathic physicians are among the  best qualified professionals to meet these needs. Therefore, the Institute for Natural Medicine will utilize the leadership and participation of  the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and the accredited  and candidate colleges or programs of naturopathic medicine to facilitate  the appropriate involvement of qualified naturopathic physicians and organizations  in activities which support this vision.

  • Create effective collaboration on achieving INM goals by fostering harmonious and productive relationships among the AANP, the colleges and programs of naturopathic medicine and other organizations essential to the INM mission. 
  • Facilitate the delivery of research and education activities designed to inform and educate consumers, businesses, health care professions, governmental entities and educational institutions concerning natural health.
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