The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians is a national professional society that advocates and represents licensed naturopathic physicans. The AANP aims to increase awareness of and expand access to naturopathic physicians, help its members build successful medical practices, and expand the body of naturopathic medicine research.

What’s in it for You? Recently, the AANP:

  • Expanded education opportunities through a series of monthly educational webinars, which are free to members
  • Increased our member benefits and programs significantly 
  • Assisted two states (Massachusetts & Rhode Island) in getting their bills passed to regulate NDs
  • Issued a broad-based public education program to drive patients through the doors of more NDs, and put forth aggressive social media and public relations campaigns, such as the FAQ Series
  • Joined forces with the Naturopathic Medical Student Association to offer dual membership, providing career enhancing resources and cost-saving benefits to students
  • Created a campaign to defend the compounded medicines ND’s use from FDA overreach (Your dollars are at work. Donate today.)
  • Produced over 100 short videos that you can use to promote the profession 
  • Rallied to protect Section 2706 of the Affordable Care Act; meeting with Congressional lawmakers to ensure every licensed provider can practice and receive insurance benefits
  • Promoted the changes in Federal law and policy that would expand and open full employment access for Naturopathic Doctors by medical facilities nationally
  • Garnered attention of the Veterans Affairs; working with the Agency to employ licensed Naturopathic Doctors and provide greater non-opioid treatment options