Contribute to the development and growth of the AANP by recruiting your network of friends, colleagues, and professionals to become members. Members are our greatest asset. Sharing your commitment and the value of your membership with prospective members drives the success of the program and ultimately the naturopathic community. Every time you recruit a new member, you strengthen AANP. A strong, growing Association means greater recognition of naturopathic medicine, the ability for us to work with states to receive and maintain licensure, offer educational offerings, discounts on partner programs, and much more!
Everyone Triumphs!

AANP realizes that members are the strongest new member recruitment resource we have, so of course we will reward you for your efforts. Rewards for referrals include:
  • Refer a new member and get a one-time discount of 25% off next year's AANP membership dues. Your new recruit will receive a one-time 10% off this year's membership dues.
  • Refer three or more new members and receive a $50 Visa gift card in addition to the 25% off next year's membership dues.

How it works

Making referrals and getting rewards is easy! There are a number of ways to help the AANP grow:

  • Direct your recruits to our website to apply! They can join by following these easy steps:
  1. Send your friend or colleague to to fill out an online application.
  2. Ask that they enter your name on the "Referred By" line on the application so that you may get credit for your efforts.
  3. The applicant must enter the promo code "REFERRAL" at check out when prompted to receive a one -time10% off their first-year membership dues. 


Who is eligible for this program? Any person who is an existing AANP member and has paid their membership dues in full. Eligible recruits must be first-time members or not have been dues paying members within 2 years. In order for recruits to receive the 10% off they must elect for the annual dues payment option (the monthly payment option doesn't apply).

Are there limits to recruitment incentives?
There is one (1) recruitment incentive per eligible participant. Recruitment incentives are non-transferable and no substitution of recruitment incentive is offered. You can only receive a one-time discount of 25% for referring one (1) new member. One (1) $50 Visa gift card will be granted per calendar year.

My recruit did not list me on their application, will I still earn rewards?
No, if your recruit did not list you, you will not earn rewards for recruiting that individual. For you to earn recruitment rewards, your colleagues must enter your name on the "Referred By" line on the application when joining.

How will I know if I successfully recruited a new member? After the AANP verifies that your recruit has successfully completed their membership application and entered your name on the "Referred By" line, you will receive an email notification to reflect the name of new member you have recruited.

Can I refer myself to earn recruitment rewards?
No, you cannot refer yourself. To earn recruitment rewards for the MGM program, you must be an active AANP member and recruit individuals who are not current members.

When will I receive my reward? Visa gift card rewards will be distributed by December 31st. The one-time 25% discount for yearly dues will be applied to the NEXT year's dues.  

Have more questions? Email or call us at 202-849-6310 and we will be happy to help you.