Frequently Asked Questions about THE AANP and Naturopathic Medicine

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The AANP produces a number of publications for doctors, patients, and those expressing casual interest in what naturopathic medicine has to offer.  Find out what's trending in natural health news with our Daily Press Clips.  Get inside the head of a naturopathic physicians at our official blog.  Read the latest evidence-based research in the monthly journal.  Educate your patients with pamphlets on naturopathic medicine.  Whether you're a doctor, a patient, or someone with a casual interest in what naturopathic medicine has to offer, the AANP has a publication for you. Wikipedia page
Notice to members regarding the “naturopathy” Wikipedia page:
The AANP is aware of the erroneous information on the Wikipedia page for Naturopathy/Naturopathic Medicine and for some of the naturopathic medical colleges. The pages have been locked by Wikipedia after a period of back and forth edits between our community and detractors. As such, it is unable to be edited further until 2019. In the meantime, the AANP, along with the INM and the AANMC, continue to work to educate Wikipedia editors about why the page violates Wikipedia’s own policies. Click here for more information, and please know that we are working diligently to correct the erroneous information.