State Legislative Update

September 2012: Tools for the States
By Gene Mcgill, Director of State Government Relations
You don’t need to try hard to get the latest news in politics. Between commercials, articles, radio, debates, and everyday hoopla, rhetoric is everywhere. This is an extremely important time. In just two months Congress and almost every state legislature will be up for grabs. And the most important question is not who will win, but how are we going to prepare ourselves, our state association and our grassroots organizations? Read more

July 2012: Legislative Gains in Licensed States Will Help All NDs
By Gene McGill, Director of State Government Relations
Over the past several months, several licensed states have had significant gains in legislation. New Hampshire added insurance coverage for naturopathic physicians; Vermont was able to have naturopathic physicians included in medical home legislation and “shall recognize naturopathic physicians who practice primary care to be primary care physicians” included in the bill. These gains are significant to our profession and impact other states and territories that are looking for direction when considering licensure, scope expansion, or insurance coverage. Read more

June 2012: NY Update, A Renewed Commitment to State Licensure
By Gene McGill, Director of State Government Relations
The AANP would like to thank all of you who took the time out of your busy schedules to call, write or visit Albany, NY, to help in the New York licensure effort. In what has become an all to common request, Assembly Member Deborah Glick, chairwoman of the Higher Education committee, asked the bill sponsor, Assembly Member Nick Perry, to remove the bill from the committee agenda. He agreed knowing that the chair would not allow the bill to come to a vote. Read more

May 2012: The Push Stays Strong
By Gene McGill, Director of State Government Relations
Activity at the state level continues even though the majority of the legislatures throughout the US are recessed for the year. Several states are still active and licensing bills for naturopathic medicine remain on the agenda. The New York Senate Education Committee passed SB 1803 and moved the bill to the Finance committee. Read more.

February 2012: Medical Homes and the Future of Primary Care under Health Reform
By Lorilee Schoenbeck, ND AANP Board Member and VANP Past-President
Much of the federal health care reform language about medical homes and primary care has been modeled after Vermont’s current programs. As such, I would like to share what’s happening in Vermont and how this might affect the national landscape for NDs. Read more.  

January 2012: Off and Running Again

By Gene McGill, Director of State Government Relations
2012 got off to a fast start for Naturopathic initiatives! In the first full week of legislative activity, some sixteen relevant measures were introduced across the United States. Read more.  

December 2011: 2011 Snapshot
By Gene McGill, Director of State Government Relations
Out with the old, in with the new! Not so fast. For the past two years Dr. Carl Hangee-Bauer has served as the President of the Board of Directors for the AANP. Under his direction the board has moved forward with an increased emphasis on government affairs, both federal and state. Read more.  

November 2011: A Fond Farewell
By Gene McGill, Director of State Government Relations
For the past nine years Karen E. Howard has served the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians as their Executive Director. And from the moment she began Karen used her expertise guiding and directing the AANP. Read more.

October 2011: Texas Suing Fort Worth “Naturopathic Doctor”

By Gene McGill, Director of State Government Relations
The Texas Attorney General filed suit against a Ft. Worth, Texas, resident, Valarie Saxion, and her company Valarie Saxion, Inc., accusing her of unlawfully marketing and promoting dietary supplements that she claimed would reduce, prevent or cure illnesses including breast cancer, diabetes, arthritis and depression. As it turns out, Saxion is not a naturopathic doctor. Read more.

September 2011: What's in a Name?
By Gene McGill, Director of State Government Relations
In a recent meeting with a representative of a state medical society, the concerns of a newly introduced naturopathic licensure bill were addressed. Typically you would expect to hear scope of practice or prescriptive rights issues. Not this time. Read more.

July 2011: Compromise, Progressive Legislation and Draft Language

By Gene McGill, Director of State Government Relations
The AANP’s legislative focus is for “full scope of practice” licensure in all 50 states. Unfortunately, very few (if any) legislative initiatives will ever get signed into law without compromise. Read more.

June 2011: Being Ready to Respond to Tough Questions

By Gene McGill, Director of State Government Relations
“I just don’t think your education standards are up to that of an MD.”  Have you ever heard that assertion? It is enough to stop a naturopathic doctor mid-speech when discussing licensure with a State Senate or House member. Read more.

May 2011: Progress Report as Legislative Sessions Come to a Close

By Gene McGill, Director of State Government Relations
A quick glance at the legislative tracking map on the AANP Web site (must be logged-in to view) will confirm more than a third of the state legislatures in the Unites States have ended their session for 2011. Read more.

April 2011: North Dakota is Sweet Sixteen!

By Gene McGill, Director of State Government Relations
The North Dakota Legislative Assembly has passed SB 2271 for the licensure of naturopathic physicians and, as of this printing, the bill has made its way to the governors office and is schedule to be signed by North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple. Read more.

March 2011: A Busy Month for Legislation Impacting NDs

By Gene McGill, Director of State Government Relations
Legislation throughout the United States with respect to naturopathic medicine continues to gain momentum. To date, over 140 pieces of legislation have been introduced that will license naturopathic physicians for the first time or expand the scope of practice for those states already licensed. Read more.

February 2011: Keep Tabs as State Legislation Takes Off

By Gene McGill, Director of State Government Relations
As state legislatures continue to move through their sessions, the AANP is tracking movement of any and all naturopathic legislation for you. There are 18 states that have introduced legislation so far this year. To date, 117 bills have been introduced in legislatures throughout the United States. Read more.

January 2011: CQ Statetrack and Measuring Your Success

By Gene McGill, Director of State Government Relations
As individual states begin the process of swearing in legislators and assigning committees, the AANP and its state affiliates are also revving up the engines. At least 11 states are considering legislation for licensure of naturopathic physicians in 2011. Read more.

December 2010: 2010 Snapshot
By Gene McGill, Director of State Government Relations
The 2010 legislative session is still winding down in several states. However, our attention is now focused on efforts to reorganize for the January start with new legislative leadership, and in many cases new governors. The 2009/2010 legislative calendar has. Read more.

November 2010: Updates on a Variety of State-Based Advocacy Projects
By Gene McGill, Director of State Government Relations
State associations are busy meeting newly elected members of their respective legislatures. Members of state associations have their work cut out for them over the next few months. Republicans gained control of an additional 700 state legislative seats in the Nov. 2nd election. Read more.

Older State Legislative News
Registration Begins for Minnesota's Naturopathic Doctors (October 2009)
The Minnesota Board of Medical Practice has made forms available to NDs seeking registration and MNANP expects that the first naturopathic doctors will be fully registered by January, 2010. Read more. 

Alliance Update September 09: The National Foundation of Women Legislators 

By Michelle Clark, ND, Alliance Chair 
The AANP plays a very active role at the National Foundation of Women Legislators, with Karen Howard holding a seat on its Board and naturopathic physicians in attendance at their annual conference. Working with this bipartisan organization of elected officials from all over the country is enormously rewarding. Our relationship with NFWL and its value are best summed up by Dr. Rena Bloom, one of our physicians to the legislators – no doubt the results of this work and the service of our volunteers will have enormous impact on 2010 legislative efforts. Read more.

California NDs placed under the Osteopathic Board (July 2009)
As part of broad budget cuts in California, the legislature has passed a bill eliminating the Bureau of Naturopathic Medicine, and creating the Naturopathic Medicine Committee under the Osteopathic Board. Read CNDA's letter.

Hawaii Achieves Scope Expansion! (July 2009)
Hawaii Governor Lingle's veto of a bill to greatly expand the scope of practice of NDs was overidden on July 15, 2009.  Congratulations to Hawaii for this great success. Read the press release.

Oregon Scope Expansion Bill Passes! (June 2009)
The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians applauds the passage of Senate Bill 327 in the Oregon House, which expands prescribing authority for Naturopathic Doctors (ND) and will make Oregon’s naturopathic scope of practice the broadest in the nation. Read the press release. 

AANP Letter Published in Idaho Statesman (February 2009) 
Karen Howard's letter on the bill to repeal licensure in Idaho was published. Read the letter. 

Update on California's Bureau of Naturopathic Medicine (February 2009)
The Governor has signed a budget that preserves the Bureau of Naturopathic Medicine. Read more from CNDA. 

Minnesota Passes Licensure Bill! (May 2008)
On May 23, 2008, Minnesota enacted a law providing for the registration of naturopathic doctors. View MNANP's press release.