Using the Four Seasons Profitably

Written by Nicole Frens, originally published on Patient eConnect

Whether you’re sending engaging patient newsletters, crafting enticing community talks, or just thinking about how to spark some more in-office interest in your products and services, using the current (or upcoming) season as a starting point can lead to some creative themes that are sure to drive a little more business your way. Read on for your seasonal guide to stimulating topics you can incorporate in your marketing efforts to help educate your patients, and grow your business!
Summer themes: Heat, bugs, sun, outdoors, injuries, campingPatient newsletters - homemade recipes for non-toxic deodorant, insect repellants and sunscreen, how to deal with common minor injuries . Talks - demo how to make all of those DIY products (and if you’re super-cool, you’ll have the ingredients to sell…all nicely kitted up and everything). In office displays - show the down-side of commercial products, have the recipes and kits for the DIY products, and/or non-toxic alternatives that you sell.
Fall themes: Back to school, sleep problems, brain fog, harvest, healthy HalloweenPatient newsletters - recipes for DIY hand sanitizer, and lotion.  Article ideas include boosting brain power (for kids and adults), beating brain fog, and ways to fall asleep and stay asleep better, and healthy Halloween treats for kids (and adults!). Talks - non-toxic backpack or purse makeover, including alternative ways to combat headaches, germy hands, stress, and sleep issues. In office displays - DIY kits for headaches, stress, germs, and relaxing. You can create and print out handouts for 5-step guide to dealing with headaches, a pre-bedtime yoga routine, or de-stressing in 5 minutes a day.
Winter themes: Dry skin, energy levels, avoiding the flu, weight loss, winter blues, gift ideasPatient newsletters - DIY lotion recipes and home remedies for when you fall ill. Article ideas include what tanks our energy over time or over the course of a day and how to avoid it, re-thinking weight loss mindset for success, natural ways to beat the winter blues, package deals on products and services for holiday gifts.  Talks could be on the same as the articles, and a hot topic every year (and a great way to attract new patients) is discussing ways to beat viruses naturally. Promoting a mindful weight-loss challenge can be motivating and endear more patients (and their friends) to you. In office displays could be on staying healthy, supple-skin products and supplements that support skin, the immune system, and energy levels.
Spring themes: Allergies, cleanse/detox, garden eating, stress management, new birth.  Patient newsletters - DIY recipes for cleansing drinks, non-toxic household cleaning, and yummy meals using what’s in the garden now.  Articles on natural ways to avoid and deal with seasonal allergies are always popular, and how and why to manage stress. Talks could be on the benefits and details of doing a cleanse, a demonstration of making household cleaning products at home (with ingredients for sale), or how to grow sprouts, or ferment foods. In office - products and supplements you sell to support allergies, cleanses, stress management.
Consider selling a few different products each season– and promote them heavily in your patient newsletters, at your talks, and with in-office displays.  It keeps your offerings fresh and exciting for your patients.  The seasons keep on rolling – and so should your efforts to connect with, and educate your patients. And if you can do that in a profitable way for you…even better!

Nicole Frens creates patient e-newsletters for doctors who want to give, and receive more. She smooshed together her love of helping physicians win at business with her writing talent to form Patient eConnect. Check out the website for more articles on growing a medical practice.